If you couldn’t tell already, my name’s Andre. I also go by A.T.

I go to Connecticut College and I won’t get into what I’m involved in- just know it’s a lot!

I’m from the Chicagoland suburbs, where I’ve lived my whole life.

My interests? Cooking, photography, acting, writing, social justice, The Office, and much more! I don’t have many favorites because as some people know, I’m pretty indecisive.

To know me is to know that I LOVE Janelle Monae. You can find out why by clicking on the “Blavity” button under the “Writing” tab. I also love Betty White. Why? Well, I don’t think I need a reason, we all love Betty White.




Alright, that’s it- I think.  This website is just a way for you to get to know me better.Thanks for stopping by!

-A.T. 😉