Thoughts on Charlottesville

In the recent months, due to my increasing knowledge and eagerness to learn, I’ve become much more passionate about social issues than I’ve ever been. That being said, I don’t normally speak up much on topics like this (to avoid political debates), but I gotta say something about this one.

To the “White Nationalists”, White supremacists, Neo-Nazis and other alt-right/right-wing protestors that are fighting to “take their country back”, give it a break. It is not your country alone, as it also belongs to your everyone else around you- though you may disagree.I can only hope and pray that you’ll soon switch sides and understand how the internal sickness sparked by ignorance and fueling your hatred is tearing this country apart (more) each day. I’m less disheartened by your actions and more at your ignorance.

Also, tiki torches? Forreal? Like, the ones you get from Home Depot? These!?



To the counterprotestors, keep fighting. You know what’s right. You know who’s wrong. Thank you for putting your lives at risk for people like me who are nowhere near the in-your-face threat you’re facing. Stay safe and spread love.

To the 19 counterprotestors that were injured and to Heather Heyer, I’m sorry that your lives were affected in this way, but thank you for your fight. We all love you. Rest in Peace, Heather.

To The Trumpinator and his staff


I don’t even know where to start.

To President Obama and Vice President Biden,


To everyone on the outside, keep fighting. Keep learning. Keep teaching. Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep spreading love.

Be Kind,


*Click here to read more about what “alt-right” means, and click here to get a better idea of political leftism and rightism in America.


  1. Definitely a message of wisdom & peace that many need to hear because we are aware that it only gets worse as time goes on but having that brotherhood and sisterhood can help us get through It all 💕 Good Vibes Only

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