Review: Starbucks’ “The Pink Drink”

Disclaimer: I only bought this drink because I saw someone else drinking it in Starbucks and it looked cool. 

So yesterday, I went to Starbucks, or as I like to call it “Starby’s” to find some kind of drink since I’m not a coffee drinker. As I walked in, I remembered that a few days prior, I had seen a young girl walking out drinking this milky pink drink that looked kinda teenagery, but I wanted to try it.

I went into my Starby’s app and started going through the menu, then found this:


After reading the description, I placed my order, but not before adding something else:


I probably should mention that I don’t like coconut milk, and I also thought, “Wouldn’t raspberry screw it up a little?” So, why did I do this?


The taste? Similar to a pink Starburst. Keep in mind I could’ve thrown off the intended flavor with raspberry, but I think I still got the gist. Overall, I’d say my opinion of this drink is:


I mean, look, I don’t think it was great. BUT, it wasn’t terrible. BUT, I probably won’t get it again unless I feel like having strangers stare at and wonder about the drink in my hand. Or I wanna get another Instagram-worthy shot to feel cool. Honestly, neither one of those is enough to make me spend money on it again.


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