Break Time: Gender Gap Article

Hey there!

Each day, I’ll try to update this site with something you all can spend time with while taking a break from your day. It might be an article, a picture, song- whatever. Just a little reminder to “be cool” as my uncle says. As titled above, I’ll call it “Break Time” or BT for short.

Today’s BT comes from a Mashable article that claims the pay gap among men and women could be partly due to your major in college.

Hope you can take a quick break, read and share some thoughts as comments on this post.

That’s it for today!

Be kind.

A.T. 😉


  1. I wonder if some women go with the “I want to help others” major. Like myself being in social work as the article stated it does not pay the big bucks! I wish I could have had good info like this 20 plus years ago. I might have gone into another field🤔.

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    1. I think you also have to take into account whether you value happiness over a large salary. I wonder if women value happiness in a career more than men, we’re probably more money hungry!


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